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Why use an established background screening agency?

Simplified Hiring connects with leading Expertise in the background screening services whose members are Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA, formerly NAPBS).

These leaders offer FCRA compliant employee screening and background checks.

Expertise – Simplified Hiring.

Simplified Hiring understands the process of establishing a verifiable background screening resource for your companies employees’ background screening requirements.

Employees who have criminal records are not necessarily disqualified from employment with many employers. Employers and business owners want to establish whether an employee is a threat to the organization, criminal history, and background screening reporting can assist with accessing any possible risk.

Employers and Businesses can tailor their criminal history searches to benefit their organizations’ compliance and due diligence measures.

Verification and Compliance are part of a companies due diligence.

Florida is a state with high compliance standards, status, and regulations to protect its citizenry.

Establishing a process to meet these standards is important. Simplified Hiring is here to assist you with your employee background screening needs.

We offer competitive background screening prices for these services:

Healthcare Background Screening Services

Smart people, smart companies, and smart organizations stay actively reliant on Background Screening of everyone they hire or work with. That’s true. Trust us.

Background screening of yourself or a person gives you a clear outlook of the person you are dealing.

Well, chances are that your next potential employee or tenant or member of the company may qualify for the “Lack of Criminal Record” Certificate.

Our agency carries out deep profound and multi-layered Level-2 background screening of the candidates to bring out an unambiguous evaluation of the citizens of State-of-Florida.

You will get an FBI approved and an agent-verified report with compiled criminal records, financial records, and commercial records.

Why you must go for it?

Well, the answer is simple. World of ideas and opinions running at odds with others by and large kick up a fuss at many places.

This check would make certain that you own a clean and strong mindset that is fit to work at every place.

Our advanced, yet flexible Background Check Solutions will help you get that award-winning candidate experience everywhere you go.

The idu LiveScan Background Screening Check investigate everything by the book and our “Lack of Criminal Record” Certificate will help you grab a position of trust.

Get Reliable Background Screening of yourself by an FBI approved channeling agency in Florida. This will improve the odds of upgrading your clean image and value at everywhere you work.


Types of check done in Background Screening Check includes Academic Verifications, Character Reference Check, Identity and Address Verification, Credit History and more.

Our approved agency provides unequaled background screening to protect people from any kind of potential fraud or risk from any person.

Background Screening is highly effective and much needed in professional organizations to avoid any kind of future threats to customers, employees or organization from any new member in their business house.

Now, slow down and take a look at our Level-2 Background Screening Check Page to get detailed information about our services.

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