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Comprehensive Criminal Check + 1 County Check

The comprehensive criminal check with 1 county check is by far the most popular background check.

County criminal checks are highly done by employers as a part of their moral obligation to check if the employee they are hiring is linked with any criminal record.

County checks are made from the court’s record. Under county checks those cases are considered that fall directly under State Court System.

Idu LiveScan performs county level check with researchers who are completely accustomed with record policies of the court system.

Not all the records are shared by courts, only criminal cases are processed under county check.

As an FBI approved channelling agency, we complete the comprehensive criminal check + 1 county check between a day and 72 hours. The cost for the same is $60.

This report of county check acts as a final word on the background check of the person.

This information that this process requires to include the date of birth, social security number, and counties to be searched.

It may also include the information of offenses such as violation date, description of charges, disposition date, sentencing date, case number, file date, indictment date, violation code, disposition, and sentencing information.

Our county criminal report includes charges, case number, filing date, disposition date, the degree of offense and sentence.