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FDJJ – Florida Department of Juvenile Justice – 

FDJJ – Background Screening Unit processes applicants who meet Florida statutory agency standards for level 2 pre-employment screening, and must be rescreened every 5 years pursuant to Chapters 435, 984,  985 and 943, Florida Statutes, and the Department’s background screening policy and procedure. Applicants who are employed, volunteer, mentor intern, coach, owner and directors must have a level 2 background screening to work with a vulnerable population. 

Level 2 background screen is actually 2 criminal history checks.

  1. State fingerprint checks made through the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) and the demographic search of the Florida Clerk of Courts through the State’s Judicial Inquiry System (JIS). The department may also check these records, juvenile, sealed and expunged criminal history information.
  2. National fingerprinting made through the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI). 

Volunteers and Applicants who receive eligible ratings prior to employment may be hired or utilized as caretakers and non-caretaker roles. Applicants and volunteers with non-caretaker only ratings are forbidden from work/volunteer facility/programs or act as caretaker  and is only allowed employment where they do not have contact or access to youth or your confidential information and records. Applicants who receive ineligible/not eligible rating are not allowed employment until the Department grants the exemption for employment. 

Chapter 435 and 985, Florida Statutes. Dispositions of withheld adjudication will also be rated ineligible/not eligible.