DFC – Florida Department of Children and Families/Ori Numbers

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Mental Health Providers
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FDLE level 2 fingerprinting are mandatory for these Service Providers:

StatuteRegulatory AgencyGroup Subject to Screening
39DCFPersons considered for placement of dependent children
110DCFState employees & contractors
393DCF, APDAny direct care provider, 18 years of age or older who has direct face-to-face contact with a client while providing services to the client or has access to a client’s living areas or to a client’s funds or personal property. Must be livescan fingerprinted.
394, 408DCFEmployees within mental health facilities and employees providing care for children and adults – directors, professional clinicians, staff members and volunteers.
395DCF, APDFor unlicensed staff, such as dietary and custodial staff, who work in a licensed general hospital, pursuant to Ch. 395, F.S., whose duties require them to work within a psychiatric unit/ward of the hospital, these staff and volunteers are required to comply with Level 2 background screening requirements. These unlicensed staff would meet the definition of “Mental Health Personnel” according to s. 394.4572 (1) (a), F.S. and must comply with the background screening requirements in Ch. 435 and 408, F.S. They would also be required to comply with any other screening provisions applicable to Chapter 395, F.S.”
397DCFAll owners, directors, and chief financial officers of service providers. All service provider personnel who have direct contact with children receiving services or with adults who are developmentally disabled receiving services. Members of a foster family and persons residing with the foster family who are over the age of 18. A volunteer who assists on an intermittent basis that totals 40 or more hours per month.

FDLE level 2 background screening, include searches in these databases:

The Florida Computerized Criminal History Central Repository for Florida arrests.State Check
The Florida Computerized Criminal History Central Repository for Florida arrests AND the national criminal history database at the FBI for federal arrests and arrests from other statesState and National Check
The Florida Crime Information Center for warrants and domestic violence injunctionsWarrant Files Check

Level 2 background check: criminal history reports consist of fingerprint checks in the above state and national criminal databases. The purpose of level 2 fingerprinting – to look for disqualifying offenses that apply to potential employees. Employees who hold a position of trust and responsibility. Section 435.04, mandates security investigations be conducted on employees, defined as individuals required by law to be fingerprinted pursuant to Chapter 435.

DFC service providers must have access to the ClearingHouse to view level 2 background screening results. 

ClearingHouse criminal history reports must be completed prior to the start of service delivery for consumers. DCF – Department of Children and Families requires employees and those screened for licensure are livescanned in order to provider services to these groups:

  • Children 
  • Disabled Individuals 
  • Elderly