Tampa Florida Level 2 - Electronic and FBI Fingerprint Provider

1idu Dentist Florida Electronic Fingerprinting Services

FDLE approved, veteran-owned 1idu is serving the people of Florida with quality Level 2 LiveScan Electronic Fingerprinting services in its facility. People applying for the dentist’s license need to have electronic fingerprinting done for the background screening check. 

The Florida Board of Dentistry manages the work standards, rules and regulations of the dentistry practices that ensure safe and healthy practices. Licensing the certified and qualified professionals makes sure that the people of Florida will get good dentistry services. And, level 2 background check in Florida becomes a must for the hiring process for that matter. Dentistry Electronic Fingerprinting is required for the level two background check in Florida.

What is a Level 2 Background Check in Florida?

FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement) performs a fingerprint-based background check on the employees to check thier records in FDLE database, FBI criminal history searches and county criminal records through law enforcement agencies or local courts.

For the level 2 background check in Florida to go smoothly and accurately, good quality and clear fingerprints are necessary. Visit 1idu with the required documents to initiate the process of LiveScan Electronic Fingerprinting services.

Here’s the list of important documents you need for electronic fingerprinting.

ORI Number for Dentistry is EDOH4560Z

We also have Out-of-State (258) Card accepting and processing services in our facility for the people who are moving into Florida or going out from here. 1idu can help you in your employment.

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