Tampa Florida Level 2 - Electronic and FBI Fingerprint Provider

Out of State Applicants Florida Livescan Hard Card Scanning

Out of State Applicants Florida Livescan Hard Card Scanning

Now people living outside Florida should not worry about the electronic fingerprinting process as 1idu is here with LiveScan electronic fingerprinting services for out of state applicants. 1idu is a veteran-owned and FDLE approved LiveScan electronic fingerprinting service provider and FD-258 Hard Card Scanning capable.

We have the additional technology installed at our facility that supports the FD-258 hard card scanning and printing for the applicants that are outside Florida and cannot visit here for the electronic fingerprinting process.

Getting the fingerprints through the Hard Card (FD-258) processing requires you to send us two cards and using our latest machines we convert the hard cards into electronic formats. Then the electronic format of your fingerprints is sent to FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement) and FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) for the level 2 background screening process. Level two background check is mandatory to get the verification done to get the new professional license, renewal of license or on the request of any employer. 1idu follows all the measures to make the process easy, quick and inexpensive for you.

1idu has the legal authority to process the hard cards (FD-258) for the electronic fingerprinting process. Our services are open for the people living in Florida and outside Florida. Every applicant just has to fill the requirements and bring or send the required documents for the process, rest is handled by us. We are a veteran-owned company that serves the community and we understand the sensitivity of the documents that you send to us. We take all the safety measures there are to make sure that your documents and information are kept safe.

The client registration form that you need to fill before sending the mail is available on the website. Visit our Out-of-State Electronic Fingerprinting Service page.

You need to mail or send us the following documents

• Provide a valid copy of your ID proof
• Your photograph (digital or hard copy)
• 2 clear and completed FD-258 hard cards

You can even do the payments securely on our website. Payment includes all the taxes and fees. You will find the payment listed in front of your listed profession.

Florida State Boards recommend the FDLE approved centers for the process and 1idu is FDLE approved, so you can be sure of the services that we provide and payments you do on our website.

People appearing in person don’t have to mail the documents or get the FD-258 Hard Card for printing and scanning. FD-258 Hard Card printing and scanning is available for the people who are living outside Florida, moving out soon as they can’t appear for the electronic fingerprinting process in person or the people who are coming to Florida for the job and want the process to be completed before they arrive here. These people can leverage the facility.

People living in Florida can visit us directly with the required documents for their electronic fingerprinting. However, they can book their appointment with us from our website and to reduce the time of the visit, they can also pay through our secured online portal.