Security Clearance and Reporting Paper

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New security clearance rules have been introduced by the US government for active military members, civil service employees, and independent contractors.

Background screening is completed via e-QIP and SF-86 forms


eQIP stands for Electronic Questionnaires for Investigations Processing (e-QIP) system. It is an automated system that processes the standard investigative forms in the background investigation procedures of federal security, fitness, suitability, and credentialing purposes. Users can electronically enter, update, and transmit their personal investigative data over a secure internet connection to a requesting agency.

SF-86 forms

Standard Form – 86 is filled by the people so that the government can collect information for conducting the criminal history background investigation with submitted fingerprints, re-investigations, and regular evaluations of the people for the national security positions and other considerations.

Providing correct information is important, having access to that information is paramount to your success in achieving and maintaining your security clearance.

The Background Investigation Is An 8-Step Process

First, the candidate or the applicant receives an offer letter from the employer. Then the employer has to submit the appropriate form with a questionnaire. Each hiring office has its own questionnaire form such as National Security Positions, Non-Sensitive Positions, Public Trust Positions, and more.

The respective hiring office reviews that submitted questionnaire and form, fills in the details that needed to be filled from their end and submit it to the DSS (Defense Counterintelligence and Security).

DSS reviews the submitted forms and begins with the official investigation.

DSS begins the investigation with the records checking and fingerprints checking in several criminal, government, and commercial databases. It is recommended that candidates should get their electronic fingerprinting done at FDLE approved centers.

DSS crosschecks and verifies the given information with the information present in several records. The department may take interviews to know the details about the candidate. A face-to-face interview as well might take place.

Once the investigation is complete, the next steps if of formal judgment or adjudication as per the guidelines set by the National Security Exchange Agent Directive Policy.

In a few cases, the investigation report is sent to the Department of State Human Resources Suitability Panel.

Once getting clearance from several departments, the DSS contacts the hiring office.

The New Continuous Evaluation (CE) or Regular Investigation system eliminates the waiting time for reinvestigation. The continuous system regularly checks for records, arrest-worthy evidence, errors in your credit reports, clearance on the records, your Facebook posts that might come in a way of your clearance. Knowing all these parameters in real-time through Continuous Evaluation (CE) saves time on reinvestigations.

As CE is the new system, it is yet to be implemented for all the hiring offices. So, there is confusion among people that which departments have implemented the CS and which have not.

As per the new guidelines, officials conduct regular monitoring or continuous monitoring of national security employees that include active military members, civil service employees, and independent contractors.

Previously the duration gap for investigating was large approximately 5 to 10 years. With a longer gap in investigations, the active military members, civil service employees, and independent contractors had time to catch up and manage their finances. But, with the latest rules in place, they will have to face the consequences of credit reporting for missed payments or late personal finances; which can impact security clearances.

Active military members, civil service employees, and independent contractors now have difficulty in justifying the government’s concerns.

The background investigations are conducted for public trust national security, positions regulated by the government, and identity verification

The Security Clearance Process

  • You are offered a position for which you need a security clearance
  • You fill the questionnaire to start the investigation
  • The investigation is conducted
  • After the correct investigation results and clearance is granted

The questionnaire on the Standard Form 86 includes questions about employment, residences, education, military service, spouse, relatives, and associates.

There will be questions relating to criminal activity, mental health, credit, alcohol/drug use, among others in the United States.

You will be asked to give access of the personal records to the investigator.

After this, you need to submit your fingerprints.

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1idu offers Background Screening Services to assist active military members, civil service employees and independent contractors in maintaining a security clearance.

FBI Criminal Information

Candidate’s records are checked in the FBI criminal database for verification purposes.

Nationwide Credit Report

Nationwide Credit Report is checked to see the candidate’s history of borrowing and repayment.

Nationwide, State & Country Criminal Records

The records of the candidates are checked in Nationwide, State & County Criminal databases with the help of local courts.

Professional License Verification

The Department searches by license number within a profession through that profession’s official database.

Social Security & Address Verification

This verification is conducted for the verification of the personal information given by the candidate.

Employment Verification

This step checks whether the employment record of the candidate matches with the information filled.

Education Verification

It is done to check whether the information on educated filled by the candidate is correct and matches the actual records or not.

Drug Testing

Drug testing is done to check high-risk employees that affect morale, productivity, safety risks into the organization.

Financial Considerations that might endanger your clearance

  • >> Not paying bills on time
  • >> Spending beyond your means
  • >> Not filing taxes
  • >> Denied of credit
  • >> Bad checks or bounced checks
  • >> Bankruptcy
  • >> Others

Personal Considerations that might endanger your clearance

  • >> Emotionally unstable behavior
  • >> Falsification on your security clearance questionnaire
  • >> Volunteer association in criminal activity
  • >> Others

Criminal Conduct that might endanger your clearance

  • >> Theft
  • >> Fraud
  • >> Spouse abuse, child abuse or neglect
  • >> Dishonorable discharge
  • >> Others

Drug/Alcohol Involvement that might endanger your clearance

  • >> Misuse of prescribed drugs
  • >> Positive test results for illegal drug use
  • >> Driving Under Influence
  • >> Arriving at work under the influence
  • >> Underage drinking

There are psychological considerations, foreign influence, misuse of information technology, security violations, sexual behavior, and allegiance to the US among others that are considered while providing security clearance. We offer our assistance to help you maintain your security clearance as an active service member, a civil service employee or contractor. 1idu is a Veteran Owned FBI Channeling Service in Tampa Florida.