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Employee Background Screening

Core Capabilities

Simplified Hiring is a full-service screening company offering both customized product packages and a la Carte services. These services are available via our website for 24 hours, 7 days a week. The average turnaround time is 24-48 hours for a background check. The turnaround time depends on the type of verification, background check and the amount of data to review. Social Security Verification, credit Reports are mostly done instantly, while other reports may take time to generate as extensive data is involved.

Healthcare Background Screening Services


Simplified Hiring connects with leading Expertise in the background screening services whose members are Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA, formerly NAPBS). Our service providers keep their database, norms, and services up to date and in compliance with the Federal and state laws. They have been providing authentic information in the area of criminal checks, background checks, employment checks, contact information verification, police records, driving reports, credit reports among others. Simplified Hiring understands the importance of the secure workforce and trust among employees for which the background screening holds utmost importance.

Services Provided

A proven leader in employee verification services, they provide detailed information for employers to make the best hiring decision for their companies. Whether, you are the Human Resources Vice President of one or many; the background screening services offer important employment, criminal and credit history for new hires as well as updated information on those seeking promotion.

Unfortunately, in our society, some behavioural models suggest that past behaviour is indicative of future behaviours. Now, these behavioural models may or may not be true. The future actions cannot be judged based on these behavioural models, but the reports do give you an overview of the person so you can make the best hiring for your organization.

Our services provider sets up accounts through a secure direct portal, giving you access to background screening information 24 hours a day. We specialize in presenting the right results for our clients’ satisfaction. Specialized employment screening representatives are verifying employment 6 days a week California hour. Hiring is highly competitive, quick response to an applicant’s background screening gives you an advantage in the hiring process.

Simplified Hiring members are offered employment background screening results that provide reliable sources for applicant employment background screening service and information which allows small business owners and human resource officers to make the best possible hiring decisions. The technology that we use to collect, generate reports is legally sanctioned.

County Criminal Record Search: In the Physical County Search, court collectors physically visit the courts and match criminal records to the personal information provided by your prospective resident. It is one of the most accurate ways of background checks and ensures of authenticity. It generally takes up to 24 hours to generate County Criminal Record Report. These services are available for all the counties in the United States.

National Criminal Report: The candidate’s records are run through the database generated from all the 50 states. However, in some states, the completeness of the criminal information is dictated by the availability of the court records, which may not be as complete or as accurate as a physical county search.  The countrywide criminal search automatically searches for Terrorist database and lifetime sex offenders countrywide.  Our service providers offer a state-wide index database search, which reflects the case number, file date, and court location associated with the individual’s name; the turnaround time for this service is approximately 2 hours.

FBI Criminal History Record Information (CHRI)Simplified Hiring can provide a process for members to access FBI Criminal records via fingerprint submissions.  It has solutions to receive rolled fingerprint cards and/or, in designated locations, electronic live scan fingerprint submissions from applicants.  Upon receipt of rolled prints, they scan the fingerprint card and electronically submit the request to the FBI.  Applicant fingerprints captured at live scan locations will be electronically submitted for transmission to the FBI. Our service providers will receive all the information, the results are then disseminated to the Authorized Recipient, typically in less than an hour.

Additional Services

Social Security Verification: This product, added to a nationwide credit report, will automatically alert you to known or potentially fraudulent information. Each alert generated tells the examination time for employment, credit, or other application information before granting approval, making a management decision, or cross-selling. If the social security number is cleared, you are provided with the state and date of issuance. Turnaround time 1 minute.

Terrorist Search Homeland Security Search: Our service providers will search the Office of Foreign Asset Controls (OFAC) database to notify you if your candidate is identified with anyone in terrorist database or involved in terrorist activities. This generally takes around a couple of hours to generate a report.

Nationwide Sex Offender Search: Our Nationwide Registered Sex Offender search will provide information on lifetime registrants of the sex offender databases.  This product is highly recommended when employing individuals working with children or other high-risk populations. It takes around a couple of hours to generate the report.

Address Information Search:  Provides up-to-date information on an applicant’s past 10 years of addresses, based on name and social security number (SSN). The report generated has the following columns and information mentioned of the candidate: Name (Full and/or alternate), age and date of birth, available contact information. Approximately 2 hours is the turnaround time.

Department of Motor Vehicles: The DMV check requires the individual’s name, Social Security Number, date of birth, address, Driver’s License number, and state of issue.  This report confirms the Driver’s License state of issue, gives a description of the type of license (for example Class C) and informs you whether the DL is clear or has violations listed.  Any violations will be listed on the Driver’s License report.  The types of violations on this report may include speeding or other moving violations, DUIs, suspension, etc. Around 24-48 hours is the turnaround time.

Employment Verification:   Customer service representatives will take the work out of verifying employment. With a full staff 6 days a week, our highly trained employees will contact your applicant’s current employer and provide you with details in less than 24 hours. Our verifications include details such as dates of employment, the position held, salary, and more (based upon information provided by the applicant). Around 24-48 hours is the turnaround time.


Transportation Background Checks:   The transportation background checking service providers cover all the aspects of the unique challenges in the hiring process of the transportation company. Our service providers cover online backgrounds checks, I-9 solutions, and drug and health screening for transportation companies. With this crucial area covered by our experts, transportation companies can focus on their core-business tasks for more profits.

Healthcare Background Screening Caregivers, Certified Nursing Aids (CNA), Nurse, Nurse Aide, Medical Assistant, Pharmacy, Physician, the healthcare background screening packages cover various staffing positions for the centers, companies operating in the healthcare industry. Take the burden off your shoulders of hiring the right candidates and checking their background with Simplified Hiring. Our service providers cover the education background check, public database check, criminal background check, employment background check, residential address check, identity check, reference check, alcohol & drug testing, credentials check for the candidate allow you hire the best one from the pool.

Education Industry Background Checks Having the staff in your educational institutes, faculty, and students run through background checks allow you to have and maintain a secure environment for everyone. Our service providers, being the leaders in background screening cover reference checks, federal and state criminal record verification, military records verification, credentials check-up for faculty on all levels (primary school, high school, and college), drug and alcohol testing, credit report verifications.

Employee and Volunteer Screening for NGOs 95% of the businesses fall victim in-company theft. Facing the in-theft charges and running and NGO just doubles the trouble. If beneficiaries come to know about it, then the NGO loses all the credibility. That’s it is important even for NGOs to run a background check on the employees and volunteers. Our services providers offer the employee and volunteer screening for references, fingerprinting, criminal background investigation, drug and alcohol test, driving records check, physical examinations based on the screening policy set under the state law.

Additional 1idu LLC SERVICES

1idu is an FDLE Approved LiveScan Service Provider that offers livescan level 2 electronic fingerprinting services as per the FDLE applicant screening process.

If you are moving out from or coming here in Florida, we do have an Out-of-State FD 258 Card accepting and processing facility. So, if you are searching for fingerprinting near me in Tampa, Florida, visit 1idu without any doubt.