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Why Livescan Electronic Fingerprinting

Why LiveScan Electronic Fingerprint-Based Level 2 Background Checks Must Not Be Avoided?

Be Safe

We should hope for the best, but also prepare for the worst. Keep this thought in mind whenever you hire a personal caregiver for an elder, a volunteer to take care of your child or choose a coach for your kid, or an employee for that matter. We read and hear news about child sexual abuse, abuse to the elderly by the caregiver, an employee misbehaving, or even hitting fellow employees. All these incidents are common these days. So, it becomes our responsibility to follow the LiveScan Electronic Fingerprint based Level II background check procedure before hiring anyone in the company, choosing a caretaker for your elderly, leaving a child alone with someone, or any scenario that involves entering of an unknown individual in your work or personal life.

Role of LiveScan Electronic Fingerprint-based Level 2 Background Check in the Industries

Most of the industries have made it mandatory for their employees to go through the level 2 background screening check using the electronic fingerprinting before they get hired. The medical industry, government projects, children-centric service providers, NGOs, charity organizations are some of the examples of the industries that have implemented background screening of their applicants.

For example, the Florida Board of Nursing manages and regulates the Certified Nursing Assistants, Licensed Practical Nurses, Registered Nurses, Clinical Nurse Specialists, and Advanced Practice Registered Nurses. Every applicant for any of these roles has to go through a level 2 background check. And, electronic fingerprints are used to conduct the background check.

FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement) conducts the check by cross-verifying the information in the FBI database, FDLE database and Local County records with the help of the local courts. Once getting clearance from all the databases, the applicant gets the certificated for which he/she applied for or gets the certificate renewed. If any criminal record comes up in the FBI database, FDLE database, or Local Country records, then the application for the certificate may be revoked. Or if the applicant has provided any wrong information, then the verification process is left incomplete. In that case, as well, the clearance certificate is not issued. Most people get their profession's ORI number wrong. Fill your information carefully.

Nurses applying for the first time for certification, or experienced nurses applying for renewal of the certificate, every candidate has to go through the process.

Similarly, different Boards in Florida regulate the functions in different professions. The complete level 2 background check allows the employers to know if there's any risk involved in hiring that particular employee. The employee might conduct an unlawful activity outside the work area after joining without coming into the notice of the employer. That's why continuous screening of employees is conducted to find out all the activities of the employees.

Electronic Fingerprinting over Traditional Verification

State governments have ensured that the level 2 background checks remain authentic, for which, they keep on evolving the procedure and also recommend the employers to monitor their employee's activity, especially those who hire care providers for an elderly or a child. Let the elderly or the child speak to you openly about their experiences. It has been seen in some cases that out of fear, kids and elders don't speak and keep on suffering in silence. That's why continuous feedback from them is necessary. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Electronic Fingerprinting is better for Level 2 Background Check than the name-based criminal background checks because the name-based background check is flawed. It has many errors as there are a lot of chances of filling inaccurate information by the applicant. If the crime is committed using alternate names, they can't be tracked in the name-based background check. And, we all know how often criminals use false alias to commit a crime.

Level II background checks are based on biometric LiveScan electronic fingerprints because they are unique for each person. The applicant cannot fill the wrong information else the verification process will be canceled, hence no certification will be provided.

Electronic fingerprinting using high-end technology has been given the green signal by the state government because of its authenticity. It is also suggested that only FDLE approved service providers should be contacted for the electronic fingerprinting processes.

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